The Daily Salvage

A step-by-step picture guide to lunch at YFM HQ.
15 Nov '18
By Lena

Where did the idea of the Salvage Supperclub come from? Well, our very own office lunch of course.

Here at the YFM HQ, our lunch is scrounged together using leftovers from last night’s dinner, odds and ends of condiments, and various half-packets of pastas, noodles and grains. It’s all brought together with the produce from our weekly fruit and veg box – we get ours from Ooooby Syd.

We’re not going to lie to you, there is no semblance of meal planning happening at this head office, but no food is wasted around these appetites either. This means our lunches are always a bit haphazard. But hey, forced experimentation in the kitchen has led to some damn delicious learnings over the years – there’s no forgetting the kim-chi pasta, or the invention of baked spuds on the toastie machine.

Anyway, in case you were sitting there scratching your head wondering how a Salvage Supperclub ACTUALLY looks, or thinking it all seems too hard, here’s a walkthrough of what normally goes down at our office when the collective tums begin to echo the midday grumbles.

Things usually kick off when the hungriest person in the room starts hovering towards the fridge to check out what we’ve got to work with for the day.

First, each chef chooses their fighters.

Today, Bree chose some leafy greens, broccoli, onion, cucumber and carrot. Lena chose mushrooms, zucchini, potatoes, onion, and canned tomatoes.

Then, the chopping commences!

Next, add some heat (Hello, Samin Nosrat, we see you!).

Today, Bree decided to put the broccoli and onion in the sandwich press to make it hot and crunchy, and Lena decided to take the lazier route and chuck everything in a wok to simmer together.

To make it interesting we move on to my personal favourite part, spices (and herbs)!

Lastly, it’s all thrown on a plate. Badda bing, badda boom, hunger solved!

Home cooking can be intimidating, especially when the ingredients you have handy are completely random. But once you knock down the rigid walls of recipes and approach your meal using whatever’s in arms reach, you’ll be able to save yourself a trip to the shops and let the ingredients you already have live their best life.

Plus, you’ll end up trying a bunch of crazy ass stuff that may or may not blow your mind.

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