About Salvage Supperclub

Noun./ A Salvage Supperclub is a low-fi dinner party where you bring your friends together and challenge yourselves to make dinner solely with the existing contents of your fridge, freezer or pantry.

You remember that feeling when you were a kid, and someone handed you bubble wrap? That's the feeling we want the world to feel when they get handed a pile of leftovers.

Hi. We're the Youth Food Movement. We're a community of young Australians who are sticking their heads out in the name of creating a better, fairer food future. We started Salvage Supperclub because we were over it. Over the assumption that cooking needs to be hard. Over how much our society seems to waste. Over the fact that we're missing out on one of life's greatest joys.

Salvage Supperclub is a collaborative cooking campaign that champions the return of young people to the kitchen.

We built it because we wanted to create a movement which celebrates low-fi, amateur cooking. Cooking that anyone can do. And cooking that we can do together, in our sharehouses, our workplace kitchenettes, our parents much-better-stocked pantries, wherever there's a hob and chopping board.

It is with huge delight that we're partnering with Sustainability Victoria, City of Melbourne, City of Parramatta and Inner West Council to make it come alive.

Cooking alone is lame. Let's do it together.